Health Care Without Judgement

Just come as you are.

Do you have a high BMI? Are you unfit? Do you smoke? Do you eat a lot of chocolate? Do you like fried foods? Did you forget to take your fish oil this morning?

I don't care about any of that.

I'm not in the business of lecturing and shaming people.

My job is to use acupuncture to relieve your symptoms to the best of my ability. That's it.

Training And Credentials

  • Brisbane: 4-Year Bachelor Of Health Science (Acupuncture) at the Australian College Of Natural Medicine (now known as Endeavour College),
  • Brisbane: 2 Year clinical apprenticeship with Alan Jansson (the Australian representative of the Meridian Therapy Association Of Japan, and Australia's most experienced practitioner of Japanese Acupuncture),
  • Imabari, Japan: 2 training intensives with Masakazu Ikeda Sensei (the academic director of the Meridian Therapy Association of Japan),
  • Registered with the Chinese Medicine Board, #CMR0001717255.
  • Accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, Practitioner #23801.