Introduction to Gentle Acupuncture

Hi there internet people! My name is Adam the Gentle Acupuncturist.

What is gentle acupuncture? Doesn't all acupuncture hurt, I hear you ask?

Not many people know that acupuncture can be a truly pleasurable experience. Rather than a bitter, painful medicine that must be endured only as long as needed, high quality acupuncture treatments can be a regular sanctuary from the stress and strain of modern life.

It's true, I use needles. Nearly everyone has had regular needles since their childhood, and I don't know one person who enjoyed them. However, not all needles are the same. If they are very thin, certain acupuncture needles can be used painlessly. It's true!

I'm going to go into more detail on these thin and painless needles with my next post. Stay tuned!

Stay well,

Adam McIntosh
The Gentle Acupuncturist