Thin Needles and Painless Acupuncture

Hi Guys,
             In my last post I brought up the idea that receiving acupuncture could be pleasurable, rather than a sharp, stabbing test of endurance.

Sounds like crap, right?

The needles go into your body! They stick out everywhere!! THEY'RE SHARP!!! How can it not hurt?

In many cases, the problem is that most acupuncturist's needles are not sharp enough.

Think about sharpness for a second. What is it?

It's thinness. Fineness. A good knife is considered "sharp" because its edge is so thin that it can easily move through a substance. The resultant cuts are neat, clean and effortless. On the other hand, a dull knife with a thick edge usually makes an ugly mess of whatever it is applied to.

The same is true of acupuncture needles. Thick needles hurt. Thin needles, when used properly, can slide painlessly between skin, nerve and muscle cells.

I use thin needles.  Does your acupuncturist?

Next week, I'll bring you more detail on how the right needles can make acupuncture painless.

Stay well,

Adam McIntosh
The Gentle Acupuncturist, Canberra