A Bit More About Me

I was born in Townsville, Queensland. I
moved to Brisbane to study Journalism at the University of
Queensland. I enjoyed the course, but decided that any career where I
had to perform “death knocks” was not for me (“death knock”
is the term given to the journalist's art of "knocking on the
door of a house which has just lost a family member, preferably in
horrific or embarrassing circumstances"). During my time at UQ I
began to learn more about health and healing, and discovered I had a
great passion for helping others in this way.

After UQ I enrolled in my Bachelor of
Health Science (Acupuncture), at the Australian College of Natural
Medicine. Although the workload was a challenge, I had a nagging
feeling that something critical was missing from my education. I felt
the course was overly theoretical, to the detriment of practical
skill development. This was a great concern to me at the time, as it
struck me very strongly that manual skills were at the core of an
acupuncturist's effectiveness.

I sought out and apprenticed myself to
Alan Jansson, a practitioner of Meridian Therapy (a school of
Japanese acupuncture) at the Gabba's sports medicine centre. Alan is
the Australian representative of the Meridian Therapy association and
one of Australia's most experienced acupuncturists. I spent a
thousand hours over two years in his clinics; watching, learning,
practicing, taking notes, gaining experience, assisting in
treatments. Alan proved a hard taskmaster, demanding unwavering focus
on the patient and their needs. Alan also placed great emphasis on
patient comfort, and showed me how to treat so gently that even
needlephobes could fall asleep on the treatment table.

I learnt my trade the traditional way,
the way that has kept acupuncture alive and strong for two millenia:
through the direct personal training of a master. It is a way that is
in decline in Australian acupuncture, and I was extremely fortunate
to have that learning opportunity.

I'm ready to give back. I want to help you with these traditional skills. Come and experience them for yourself!

Stay well,

Adam McIntosh

The Gentle Acupuncturist