The Gentle Acupuncturist Is On The Air In Canberra!

I am being interviewed on ABC 666 AM radio tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 10:30! Please tune in and have a listen!

I will be chatting with Greg Bayliss about the role of Acupuncture in sports medicine. It's a topic that is near and dear to my heart. There is so much that Traditional Japanese Acupuncture has to offer the modern athlete. Accelerated injury recovery, increased injury resistance, event-day performance enhancement... Acupuncture is an awesome modality for athletes of all sports.

If you are an athlete and you struggle to stay injury free, or you just want to smash your way to a new PB, why not book an appointment on 02 6241 6060?

Remember, tune in to ABC 666 FM tomorrow morning at 10:30! Or you can tune in on the internet:


Adam McIntosh

The Gentle Acupuncturist