How does Acupuncture work?

Lots of people ask me how acupuncture works. It's a good question - what an acupuncturist is actually doing is not immediately visually apparent.

With a massage you see the therapist grabbing and rubbing and stretching particular muscles. With a physio, you can see them opening up joints and prescribing strengthening exercises. You can hear the chiropractor literally unkinking someone's spine.

What the heck is the acupuncturist doing though? What are those needles actually achieving?

Here's one way to think about it.

Think about the body as a composite of multiple interconnected systems. We have the skeletal structure, on which we have a network of fascia, a network of muscle, our circulatory system, our lymphatic system and our nervous system (to name some of the major players). These systems connect the length of our body, from head to toe.

To start to understand acupuncture, just add one more system - our energetic system.

In acupuncture, this is known as the meridian network. Meridians are pathways through which our energy flows in the body.

In function, the meridian system closely resembles both the circulatory and nervous systems. How is this?

The meridian network resembles the circulatory system in that it carries nourishment throughout the body. Every part of your body needs enough energy to function properly, just like it needs enough blood flow. The meridian network carries energy all around the body to keep it strong and functional. Just like the blood vessels, if the meridians are obstructed or damaged then illness will result (as the nutrition cannot flow properly past the damage).

One of my primary functions as an acupuncturist is to make sure your meridians are clear, healthy and full of energy.

The meridian network resembles the nervous system as well, in that it can carry instructions to the body.

This is the other primary way an acupuncturist works to heal you.

If your body is not producing enough heat, I can use the meridians to tell the body to make more. If your menstruation is not stopping after a normal amount of time, I can use the meridians to tell the body to stop bleeding sooner. If you cannot conceive a child, I can use the meridians to tell the body to send more nourishment to the uterus.

Usually the body does a pretty good job of regulating itself. Sometimes, though, it needs to be tuned up, to be reminded how to run efficiently and safely. This is where I can help you.

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