Gentle Japanese Acupuncture & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Part 2

In order to successfully treat chronic fatigue, it's important to look at it from a bio-energetic perspective.

Why? Because, often, there's nothing to see at a biochemical level.

Many CFS patients have had every medical test imaginable. Blood tests, stool tests, urinalysis, CT scans, MRIs... very frequently, these tests find no significant abnormalities.

Where does this leave the GP? All of his diagnostic tools tell him "Nothing Is Wrong" and yet the patient is clearly very ill. What do you do with that?

I'm a firm believer in doctors. We need them. I often refer to them! But there's nothing they can do if they can't diagnose an illness.

What is needed is a paradigm shift. We know the problem is real, so if one way of looking for it finds nothing, we need to look at the problem differently. This is where an understanding of human energetics comes into its own.

A core concept in acupuncture energetics is that of "deficiency". Specifically, the idea that the body will only become ill when one or more of its major organs becomes deficient, or lacking in energy.

Depending on the organ that becomes deficient, there will be a range of symptoms that may occur. For instance, if the Kidneys become deficient the patient may develop problems with their urination (due to their connection with the bladder). If the Lungs become deficient we may be more prone to catching colds and flus. Often, deficiency will be accompanied by fatigue.

How do the organs become deficient? One common cause is working very hard. Pushing through fatigue, illness, injury, working harder than other folks... sound familiar at all? To me, that describes a lot of CFS sufferers in their pre-CFS state.

Like I mentioned in my last article, CFS patients are often high achievers until their bodies give way under the strain. The workload becomes too much for their organs, and deficiency develops.

A good night's sleep will remedy a minor deficiency. However, if the overwork continues for months and years on end, the resulting deficiency will be far more than our natural powers of regeneration can handle.

At this point, sleep isn't cutting it anymore, and we can wake up just as tired as when we went to bed. To add insult to injury, sleep often becomes disturbed and very hard to come by, further reducing our recuperative ability. At this stage, you need help.

We might recover by ourselves, slowly and painfully (like I did). But no-one wants to feel terrible a day longer than they have to.

You are not alone. There is help available for you.

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