Treatment Of Heel Pain, Part 1

I thought I'd share another case with you from my clinic room.

Ron is a construction worker who had the misfortune to bruise his heel very badly while on site. Doesn't sound too bad, though, right? Heels are tough, and a few days rest should settle it all down...

Unfortunately, Ron was not so lucky. Those "few days" rest stretched into a month, then three, then seven months of inability to walk without pain. For some reason the pain would just. not. leave.

Seven months of painful hobbling and enforced unemployment. Not my idea of fun, nor Ron's.

During this time, Ron tried everything to get rid of the pain. Chiropractic and massage only put a small dent into the problem.

A GP even administered a cortisone injection into the heel. 

Can you imagine a big hypodermic needle inserted directly into the bottom of your heel, through the thickest callus on your body? Especially if your heel is already agonisingly painful?

Unsurprisingly, Ron (who is a big, tough, very physical bloke) described this injection as the worst pain he had ever felt in his life. And it didn't help his heel one bit.

After this, Ron showed up at my clinic.

At this point I want to give Ron a citation for outstanding courage. He'd just experienced the worst pain of his life from a needle in his heel, and yet still turned up for an acupuncture appointment!

 Luckily for him, I had no intention of putting needles anywhere near his foot.

With my next post, I'll tell you all about what I did do, and how it put Ron back on his feet (and back at work) in short order.