When Should You Come In For Acupuncture?

Recently encountered an interesting article on acupuncture & fertility over at Stanford Medical School's blog, Scope: "Patients turning to acupuncture to boost fertility" From the article:

  "Several years ago, I had a short-lived experience with acupuncture:

  • After just a few sessions I discovered I was pregnant and had to stop.

I had sought out the treatment to help with a chronic illness – not for fertility reasons – but in the back of my mind, I’ve always wondered if those early sessions might have helped move things along in the reproduction department." 

Emphasis mine. 

It's common for people to assume a very narrow range of indications for acupuncture, I think. Many of my patients initially come in to see me regarding back pain or headaches, and are suprised when I tell them we should also look at treating their erratic menstrual cycle (or their diarrhoea, or their insomnia, or their urinary difficulties). Colds, flus and coughs, in my experience, also respond well to acupuncture. 

So I'm always a bit disappointed when a patient cancels an appointment because "they're too sick". Because that's the time to come in and get treatment! 

Nauseous with morning sickness? Come in!

Headache is really bad right now? Yep, come on in! 

Just starting to get a cold? Definitely come in! 

Getting back to the article above - in my experience, pregancy is also no reason to stop acupuncture treatment. I have treated women from pre-conception to post-delivery and every stage in between, with excellent results. 

Of course, the obligatory caveat - if you're ill enough to be staying home from work, consider seeing your GP as well to rule out anything medically serious. I'm not a substitute for antibiotics or emergency surgery. If I suspect you have a medical issue outside of my therapeutic remit, I will direct you towards the professional who can help you. 

But if you're suffering from something for which your doctor has prescribed aspirin and bed rest, then I might be able to offer you something even better :-)