Your Weight Is None Of My Business

I will never tell you that you are fat.

I will never tell you to lose weight.

So many health professionals of every kind seem to have this overwhelming urge to "put fat people in their place." To tell them a few "hard truths".

I hate it.

There's so much that's wrong with the health industry's obsession with weight.

This obsession engenders a dangerously simplistic conflation of health with slenderness.

Some people are born skinny, though!

Some of these genetically blessed folk can eat garbage, binge drink and never exercise, but it won't show in their physique. People who live this way are Not Healthy.

They fit the conventional definition of a healthy appearance, though, and so, at a glance, people will generally assume they are doing all the right things.

On the other hand, some people are born to be big. It's part of their genetics, their constitutional make up.

They can exercise regularly and have a clean, balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and no junk - but they'll still look "fat".

These "fat" people are Way Healthier than the naturally skinny folk who just coast on their genetics.

Even if you are big but you aren't "doing all the right things", though, it's still not ok for me to offer commentary about your appearance.

It's unforgivably rude.

Weight is complicated. Illness, genetics, constitution, social pressures, emotional and spiritual factors... All of this and more can have an effect on your weight.

Consequently, I have no idea why you are the weight you are! And you don't owe me (or anyone else) an explanation.

I was born skinny. I have never had to do a lick of work to stay trim. I will probably never know what it is like to be fat.

Who the hell am I to tell anyone that they need to lose weight?

I won't do it.

The only time I might want to discuss your weight is when there has been a sudden, drastic, and unexplained fluctuation, particularly sudden weight loss. This can be a red flag for very serious illnesses such as cancer.