How Does Acupuncture Work?

I have been asked, hundreds of times, this question:

"How does acupuncture work?"

And no matter how many times I am asked it, it throws me a little. Every time.

I have spent nearly a decade of my life pursuing the answer.

People usually ask the question at the end of their first treatment. We're not about to sit down over coffee and talk about this for hours - I've got about a minute before the appointment ends and they get on with their lives.

This is difficult.

Being asked this question triggers such an avalanche of data in my brain.

There is no quick and easy answer for how acupuncture works.

To summarize it concisely requires the listener to have a significant amount of prior knowledge.

If I were to describe it to another acupuncturist, then I could do it in one sentence, and it would look like this:

"Acupuncture works by tonifying deficiency and circulating or removing excess in the organs and meridians".

However, the acupuncturist should already understand this sentence, and it is pure jargon to everyone else.

Part of the problem is cultural. Broady speaking, western culture either lacks or rejects important concepts and language that are fundamental to understanding acupuncture.

In the articles that follow, I am going to do the best that I can to explain How Acupuncture Works.

To answer that question properly, we need to go back to the very beginning. And I mean the very beginning. To this question:

What Is A Human Being?

Easy, right?