Sinus Pain & Congestion

What causes sinus pain and congestion?

Sometimes it is a physical obstruction like a polyp, which can be surgically removed.

Sometimes it is caused by an infection, which inflames the sinuses.

Sometimes it is caused by sensitivity to pollen and dust.

Sometimes there is no clear physical impediment or infection - so why does it hurt? Or why can’t you breathe through your nose?

The answer often turns out to be in the digestive system.

The two most important meridians that run around the nose and sinuses are Stomach and Large Intestine meridians. There is a direct and powerful energetic connection between the digestive system and the sinuses. This means that dysfunction in the digestive system can be displayed symptomatically as sinus pain and congestion.

Therefore, in order to treat sinus pain and congestion, I do two things:

  1. Treat the root cause - the original digestive system disharmony. Acupuncture is applied to correct the specific error in the digestive system’s functioning. This usually involves points on the wrists and feet.

  2. Treat the symptoms - clean up the local damage in the sinuses that the digestive disharmony has generated. Acupuncture is applied to points on the face. I know that some will find this prospect distressing. However, the needles that I use are so incredibly thin (about the width of a human hair) and inserted so shallowly (1mm) that it produces little to no discomfort. I have had many people fall asleep with needles in their face.

Sinus problems caused by infections and pollen sensitivity can also be treated with acupuncture. Once an infection has been dealt with appropriately, acupuncture can be used to clear up the remaining inflammation. Pollen and dust senstivity can often have roots in the digestive system as well, so the above treatment method is also applicable here.