The Treatment Of Heel Pain

Certain types of heel pain can respond well to acupuncture & moxibustion.

The very first thing to say about treating heel pain is this - I do not put needles in the sole of the foot.

I want the treatments I give to be comfortable and pleasant, which rules out needling the bottom of the foot. It’s too sensitive, and the skin is too thick.

I’m good with needles, but I’m not that good. I don’t think anyone is.

So what do I do? I use a technique called moxibustion.

It’s a technique that sends heat deep into the body. It is mild and pleasant, much easier to tolerate than needles in the sole.

Its therapeutic power can reach far beyond the surface of the skin to reach damaged muscle, tendon and bone. It triggers an immune system response at the treatment site, resulting in damaged tissue being recycled and replaced with new, healthy tissue.

If you have heel pain from an injury, overuse, or even for no detectable cause, moxibustion can help.

If your heel pain is caused by a spur, bone misalignment or tendon damage, I recommend you see a podiatrist. However, if those problems are being managed medically but still aren’t responding well, moxibustion can be an excellent adjunctive therapy.