"The Biggest Loser" is Big Bull%^@&

Think about how much exercise the participants have to do to lose all that weight.

Just about every waking minute of their every day, for months, is consumed with high intensity exercise, and the recovery from that.

It is a full time job, a 24/7 obsession.

Of course some of them will lose weight! It is all they have focused on for months.

This is completely incompatible with having a real life once the show ends.

And yet, even then, quite a few of them make no real progress in weight loss during the show.

Further on from that, many of the participants who do become thin, return to their old weight after a couple of years.

This show has held itself up as the champion of everyday accessibility for weight loss for everybody.

Yet it achieves its unusual results by extreme methods that are not replicable outside of the show's weird laboratory conditions.

How is this accessible for most people?

I'm not sure why it took me so long to notice how effortlessly self-defeating the entire premise of the show is.